Experimentation platform selection is really, really hard

What are my primary vendor considerations

What type of vendors are there?

  • Enterprise Tech Stack. These are your Adobes (Target) and your Oracles (Maxymiser) and perhaps your Googles (Optimize), where being embedded within a tech stack is super important and efficient
  • Pure and Mature Experimentation. The platforms that are pure players within the market
  • Wider experimentation suites. There’s a bit more than just experimentation here, it might be heatmaps, or session recording functionality.
  • Personalisation suites. These platforms pride themselves on a personalisation proposition and are more pure-play in this area.

If I were you…

  • Our code base is react and we’re looking at optimisation experiences for our users across web and app. We have an agile, disciplined development process and need to ensure any tech is fully aligned with the engineering department goals, without hindering site speed. How will your platform impact our site and how might we prevent daily conflicts with our releases?
  • We’re just starting our experimentation journey. We have dabbled with a few tests in Google Optimize and have ambitions to run >100 tests in the next 12 months. We have 1 x CRO manager, a data analyst and an engineering team of 8. How can you help us grow this velocity and evangelise how AB testing can help us to our senior management team?


Bonus: The problem with price

Don’t forget

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David Mannheim

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