How are you best evangelising CRO into the wider company so that everyone understands the value and wants to meaningfully contribute to the success?

  • The clarity, story, proposition (the why) and the vision of the communication, is almost more important than the communication itself. Where do you want the company to be? Why?
  • She had permission
  • Democratising, empowerment and giving autonomy to others is vital for the vitality and therefore, buy-in
  1. Have an optimisation mindset
  2. The ABCs of EFGH (Educate, failure, gamify and humility)

Decentralise the optimisation process

So I don’t think you can do it alone. Sorry. Not even if you’re Lea. She had permission, for one, but she was also in a position of higher power.

Have an optimisation mindset

What is an optimisation mindset?

The ABCs of EFGH (Educate, failure, gamify and humility)

OK, OK, we’ve spoken about structure and mindset as being foundational prerequisite. But let’s assume you do need to evangelise CRO. How do you best go about doing that?

1. Educate

Educate is the think, to precursor the feel and act.

  • What does this mean
  • What next

2. Failure

Failure is the feel, the precursor to act.

3. Gamify

Gamify is the act. Well. It’s actually the best way to change mindset by acting.

4. Humility

A lot of optimisers I have seen have pride; which teeters over into ego. Myself included. We all have ego. They focus on others’ failures. With a microscope. Demanding that they change through a critical lens. “You’re doing that wrong” “What, why didn’t you test that first” “Hold on, the button is … RED”


Let’s answer your question.

  1. Failure; celebrate and encourage through stories
  2. Gamify; what ifs remove the art of the possible
  3. Humility; demonstrate care, not passion.


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